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"Net Neutrality in the US: Now What?

Comprehensive info. Time is of the essence, so forgive my inevitable errors.

Much links and fun times below:

We've stopped things like this before! You have power if you bother to take it.

Video script and better formatted version of the links below can be found on my blog:

Politicians love when you personally contact them! It is a fact. If you're not in the US, make sure your local government considers this state of affairs an embarrassment for the US, not something to model your own rules on.

List of FCC commissioners and their twitters, emails, blogs, instagrams, etc:

Don't know how to contact your representative? Find out who they are and let them know you're watching them!

Comment form for proceeding 14-28 "Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet"

Comment form for proceeding 14-57 "Applications of Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable Inc. for Consent to Assign or Transfer Control of Licenses and Applications"

The above proceeding has

List of all proceedings available for comment:

General "open internet" FCC inbox: petition for net neutrality in general: petition for reclassifying broadband as common carrier, specifically:

Once you have a account, you can sign petitions about all sorts of things you care about!

There's a rally in Washington DC on May 15 2014 if you're around:

Learn more about all this stuffs:

Court case ruling cable internet as an "information service" rather than "telecommunications service":
Communications act of 1934, describing common carriers under title II:
Telecommunications act of 1996, including Title V, the CDA:
Communications Decency Act, part of the Telecommunications act of 1996, which protected ISPs from liability:

The FCC's Open Internet Order 2010:
Verizon had the above overturned in 2014 as not applying to non-common carriers:

A couple other attempts at net neutrality things:

Data on internet speed from study "The Cost of Connectivity":

Terms to know
Antitrust law:
Common carrier:
Game theory:
Net neutrality:

Also see these other videos on the topic:
Extra Credits:
Hank Green:

Thankyou Emily Eifler and Christopher Hart for their advice!
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