Thursday, November 21, 2013

State of Mozilla: Mitchell Baker - "Who is Mozilla?"

Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler & Executive Chair of Mozilla, talks about who Mozilla is, what we stand for and how the Internet becomes knowable, interoperable and ours when we all work together for the future of the Web.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

JFK Assassination Zapruder Stabilized Motion Panorama HD plus SloMo - 50th anniversary

(best viewed in 1080pHD) ... this clip's frames have been interpolated to playback at 30 frames per second; the SloMo portion has 4 interpolated frames for each real frame; the original film frame rate was 18fps

frame interpolation by pixel motion estimation introduces some artifacting, but smooths the motion

sister motion panorama is ...
... whose playback is 18 frames per second, the same speed as the film was originally shot; there is no frame interpolation in that clip

a more zoomed in version, encoded to playback both in realtime (18 fps) and at 1/3 speed (6 fps) is ..

frames' source is from ...
... who pin-cushion adjusted the frames to flatten the lens distortion, particularly at the corners of the frames

to compare this with the footage filmed by Orville Nix from the opposite side of the motorcade, watch ...

Marie Muchmore's short clip of the assassination in stabilized motion panorama format is ...
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bak Kim Var? / Who's in Town? Geert Lovink in Istanbul

Please scroll down for English

Network Kültürleri

Medya teorisyeni ve eleştirmen Geert Lovink, İstanbul'daki ilk konuşmasında Institute of Network Cultures'ta (INC) yürüttüğü araştırmaları anlatacak. 

Lovink tarafından 2004'te kurulan INC, internet ve yeni iletişim mecraları ile network kültürlerine odaklı proje ve yayınlar üretiyor. Bu çalışmalar, yeni medyanın disiplinler ötesi doğası ile "Kendin yap" ve açık kaynak bileşenlerini merkez alıyor; internet ve gelişmekte olan mecraların sanatsal, politik ve teknik yönlerine vurgu yapıyor.

Taktiksel medya kavramını geliştiren teorisyenlerden Lovink'in yayımlanmış kitapları arasında Networks Without a Cause (2012), The Art of Free Cooperation (2007), The Principle of Notworking (2005) ve My First Recession (2003) bulunuyor.

Organized Networks / Network Cultures

For his first appearance in İstanbul, media theorist Geert Lovink will talk about his ongoing research at the Institute of Network Cultures (INC). A research network, established in 2004 by Lovink, INC focuses on the Internet and other new forms of media, to produce a diverse array of projects and publications with a strong emphasis on content. The field of network cultures revolves around the interaction between new forms of media, the Internet and mobile networks-- where users actively shape the technology. 

With a particular focus on the transdisciplinary nature of new media, its Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and open source components, INC/Lovink emphasizes the artistic, political and technical aspects of the Internet and other emergent media, including design, activism, art, philosophy, political theory and urban studies

Lovink was one of the key theorists behind the concept of tactical media. Among many others he has published the books Networks Without a Cause (2012), The Art of Free Cooperation (2007), The Principle of Notworking (2005) and My First Recession (2003).
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