Monday, October 28, 2013

2013-08 Wordpress VIP Tools for Writers & Editors - Steph Yiu

VIP Tools for Writers and Editors by Steph Yiu (@crushgear)

I built my first WordPress site in 2008. It was an online magazine with an editing workflow, multiple contributors, and featured stories on the homepage. I thought I had it all figured out — that is, until I started working at VIP. In the last year, I've had a glimpse into all the tools that editors use at large, national publications and the whole time I kept thinking, "Wait, why didn't I know about that before?!" In this talk, I'll share with you the plugins and tools that you can borrow to help editors and users on your site get the VIP treatment.

About the Speaker

Steph Yiu works at VIP, which provides hosting and support for clients like TIME, CNN, NBC, and TechCrunch. She has worked at the Chicago Tribune and America's Test Kitchen, and has interned at The Boston Globe and The Oregonian. She is also the founder of, an online magazine for Third Culture Kids. Website:

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