Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Andy Baio on fair use (Copyright enforcement as the New Prohibition)

Andy Baio
Andy Baio (Photo credit: superfluity)
Copyright enforcement as the New Prohibition: Andy Baio's speech on fair use:
Andy Baio's "The New Prohibition" is a speech given at a Creative Mornings/Portland event, expanding on his must-read "No Copyright Intended" post, about the way that the complexity of copyright and fair use effectively criminalizes a whole generation of creators. Baio documents his own experience of being bullied into giving $35K to a photographer rather than spend a decade and hundreds of thousands of dollars proving that his limited-run, 8-bit remix of a photo was fair use, and makes some practical suggestions for what a modern fair use should look like, if it is to preserve the new, networked creativity.
The New Prohibition

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